Assessments for ADA Compliance

Businesses that provide accessible facilities and inclusive services to individuals with disabilities show they are proactive and interested in being the business of choice to the fastest-growing minority population in the world. For more information on Assessments for ADA Compliance, click here.

Two Life Quest team members measuring entrance maneuvering clearance

Disability Awareness & Etiquette Training

Training can be general or specific and customized to your needs. They can range from two hours to two days. Classes are very interactive and provide practical tools and a meaningful experience to help promote increased awareness.

ADA Transition Plans & Consulting

Transition Plan is essentially a map to go from a current level of compliance to what the Department of Justice requires based on Readily Achievable Barrier Removal. Life Quest provides thorough and pictorial Transition Plans that are easy for the laymen to understand. Items that are surveyed are assigned a rating from 1-5. For more information on ADA Transition Plans & Consulting, click here.

Life Quest Transition Plan sample dashboard
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